Mar 19, 2010 · If the requirements were to change the formatting of each TotalDue column to Currency you can quickly change all of them by using the following steps: 1. Using the Textbox Properties change the format to Currency for one of the TotalDue columns. 2. Once the format has been set, right-click on the column and choose Properties. 3.. FormatCurrency. Function. Complete VBScript Reference. The FormatCurrency function returns an expression formatted as a currency value using the currency symbol defined in the computer's control panel.. Format the decimal field to the Currency Field as mentioned in the example below and then convert to varchar. DB2 value of A_LMT : decimal SSRS report value of A_LMT : varchar SQL Conditions: CASE when ID_SYS_MTCHD like 'ACM%' AND DS_TAG_ISS_FEE = 'Limit does not match' then CAST (A_LMT.

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