I'm going to provide the other half of the explanation since I don't know Rust. Math.log is annotated with @HotSpotIntrinsicCandidate meaning that it will be replaced by a native CPU instruction for such an operation: think Integer.bitCount that would either do a lot of shifting or use a direct CPU instruction that does that much faster.. Idiom #263 Integer logarithm in base 2. Write two functions log2d and log2u, which calculate the binary logarithm of their argument n rounded down and up, respectively. n is assumed to be positive. Print the result of these functions for numbers from 1 to 12. A browser interface to the Rust compiler to experiment with the language. A type operator for taking the integer binary logarithm of Self. The integer binary logarighm of n is the largest integer m such that n >= 2^m. This definition is equivalent to truncating the real-valued binary logarithm: floor (log2 (n)). Associated Types. type Output. Logarithms of integers : rust Vote Posted by u/Angry_Cder 8 minutes ago Logarithms of integers I don't know if this was already asked on this sub. I was a bit confused when I found out that integer types don't have logarithms implemented. So I ended up type casting it to f64 and then back to i32.

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