Ace of Initiative. most easily offended liberal 3. funny superlative awards for work | just b. ,Firsts in India (Female). Stephen Trumble - Baylor University All across the country, high school seniors are decorating caps, practicing speeches and planning graduation parties. ... Funny superlative awardsI havent been Jun 09, 2006 · Some silly. Superlatives That Add Most or Least. Adjectives with three or more syllables always form the superlative by putting the word "most" or "least" in front of the adjective. These ones are easier to remember because adding -est to a three-syllable word just sounds funny! auspicious - most auspicious; beautiful - most beautiful; famous - most famous. Give the deets: Providing specific details will not only help students understand why they’ve earned the award, but your remarks may be treasured by parents for years to come also. Here are 50 ideas of classroom traits that can be celebrated: 1) Aspiring Author. 2) Math Whiz. 3) Bookworm. 4) Perfect Penmanship. 5) History Buff. 6) Mad Scientist.

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