When you ship to the FedEx ship center, you don’t need an option to request a customer pickup – it is implied. Just put the name of the customer who is to pick up the package on the label when you generate and FedEx will release the package at. Reptile Shipping We ship all our Reptiles with Reptile Express International. Once we receive your order we contact you to determine your shipping requirement. We always prefer to ship animals to you nearest Fedex depot for you to pickup as it is safer for the animal, however, we can also ship directly to your door. 2020. 1. 1. · Reptiles2You offers discounted FedEx shipping rates to ship your reptiles including snakes! #1 source for reptile shipping supplies (insulated boxes, deli cups, etc). APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP SHIPPING GUIDELINES ... PORTLAND, OR (2/2022) - FedEx Ship Center, 5159 NE Cornfoot Dr, Portland, OR 97218 - this facility is near an.

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