C. − Au fig. 1. Qui provoque une souffrance morale aiguë. Synon. déchirant, violent.Un regret, un remords poignant. Lormerin (...) demeurait au fond de son fauteuil (...), crispé par une émotion poignante qui lui faisait monter des larmes aux yeux!. "/>

But something that's pungent pricks your sense of smell, whereas poignant refers to something that pricks your emotions, especially in a melancholy way. Movie critics might describe a touching portrayal as poignant if there isn't a dry eye in the house. Definitions of poignant adjective keenly distressing to the mind or feelings " poignant anxiety". Poignant wit. adjective 2 1 Evoking strong mental sensation, to the point of distress; emotionally moving. Flipping through his high school yearbook evoked many a poignant memory of yesteryear. adjective 1 0 Advertisement (figuratively, of a taste or smell) Piquant, pungent. adjective 1 0 Agreeably intense or stimulating. adjective 0 0. ‘A poignant and moving text tucked away on the page seems to sum it all up.’ ‘People that are good at it and adept at it can be very guttural and gutsy and dark and moving and poignant all at the same time.’ ‘This was a moving, poignant ceremony, which gave solace to.

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