We stock a wide variety of equipment like grooming tables, which include everything from portable folding tables to electric and hydraulic models. Our grooming tubs, including stainless steel, electric lift, and plastic models, can be ordered in multiple sizes and shapes to fit any area perfectly. Finish up with professional cages and dryers. Franchise New. Dash DogWash is the brother brand of Blue Wheelers, Australia's #1 choice in Mobile Dog Grooming. Join this renowned franchise with your own territory & eye catching Yellow Kennel trailer. more ››. Personal Services > Pet products & services > Dog Grooming. A sale and purchase agreement should state if the sale is GST inclusive or exclusive. If it doesn't, raise this with the seller. The rate of GST on the sale could be 15% or 0%, depending on the circumstances of the sale and purchase, eg whether the seller and buyer are GST registered. This should also be set out in the sale and purchase.

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