Perhaps your younger self would have screamed blasphemy, seeing you dolled up and champagne tipsy at 8 am but nowadays you couldn't find a fuck to give. "You seem awfully happy this morning, sweetness.". Russia's melodic voice commanded your attention, his lilac eyes portruding your mood carefully. "I am indeed!". Jan 12, 2019 · Creepypasta x Mary Sue Child Reader (revised version, originally posted on Deviantart in 2017) (this is a parody BTW) Based on a true story. "Thank meou!" you said to your parents. You were an 3 month old neko baby kitten cub girl. Like all nekos you had the tail, claws, and fangs of a cat and had cat ears on the top of your. Yandere Alastor x Reader except Reader is into it cuz they’re not a little bitch and also fuck you. Hi, I’m gettin tired of tryna project onto these bitchass readers that get all scared when the knife comes out. If you’re like me and desperately want your Yandere lover to carve their name into you, brand you, and otherwise claim you, all while telling you you’re the center of their. May 6, 2021 - Read Fifty Shades of Crazy from the story Nightmare Ranch | An Alastor x Reader Lemon Series by Avia_Rein (Avia Rein) with 3,240 reads. alastor, nightmare, haz.

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