Positive Displacement Meters 384. 10.7 Mass Flow Meters 386. Thermal Flow Meter 386. Coriolis Flow Meter 387. 10.8 Flow Meter Calibration and Standards 391. 10.9 Estimating Standard Flow Rate 392. Summary 393. References 393. Nomenclature 393. 11 Strain measurement 395. 11.1 Introduction 395. 11.2 Stress and Strain 395. Lateral Strains 397. 11.. Using global navigation satellite system (GNSS) data to detect millimeter-order signals of short-term slow slip events (S-SSEs) and to estimate their source parameters, especially duration, is challenging because of low signal-to-noise ratio. Although the duration of S-SSEs in the Nankai subduction zone has been estimated using tiltmeters, its regional variation. View Frank E. Talke's faculty profile. Research Interests The focus of Professor Talke’s research is in the areas of medical device technology and information storage. In the area of information storage, Prof. Talke and his students have been involved for more than 50 years in studying tribology and mechanics of disk and tape drives, and more recently, the optimization of thermal. Quantum Dots Tracking with N-Memory Cluster Indexed SMC-PHD filter pp. 392 -395. ... Research on 5G Ubiquitous Internet of Things Based on Pilot Classen Frequency Offset Estimation.

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